Activities & Events

Nourish your faith life.
Enter into conversation.
Enjoy some home-cooked food with your friends.
Holy Cross welcomes you!


Regular activities

Bible study – Sundays/Mondays at 7.30pm in six- or eight-week blocks
Garden group – Every Thursday, 9.00 am, in the church grounds
Stitching group – Second and fourth Wednesdays, 10.30 am
Walking group – Every second Tuesday, 9.15 am
Mothers' Union – Fourth Thursday, 10.00 am
Choir practice – Thursdays, 6.30 pm, when required
Meditation – each Wednesday,  5.30 pm (summer time), 5.00 pm (rest of the year))

Sundays in Depth Series

Meet in the Rectory from 11am-1pm, followed by lunch.


Special Events for Your Diary


Sat 24th Working Bee
Sun 25th Palm Sunday
Thurs 29th Maundy Thursday
Fri 30th Good Friday


Sun 1st Easter Day
Sun 8th Rector's Farewell


Sun 6th Sunday's in Depth
Sun 20th Pentecost
Sun 27nd Trinity Sunday
Sun 27nd Trinity Progressive Lunch