Parish Retreat

What is a community? How does it happen? Is it just a nice idea? At Holy Cross we are a big, diverse family and we take very seriously Christ’s command that we love one another. At our annual parish retreat, we also remember that it can be a lot of fun! In the peaceful surrounds of the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre at Lake George we learn together about God’s work in the world and how we can be a part of it. We enjoy adventures, creative activities, games, and great food.

Women’s Retreat

Have you ever noticed that even when life’s hectic schedule pauses, it is difficult to quieten your mind? Our inner noise can rob us of peace. God offers a peace beyond our ability to cultivate ‘calm’, and in our many working and caring roles this can be a sustaining life-line. The Holy Cross women’s retreat is for women with a hectic schedule and a busy mind. In the quietness of Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, set on the rim of lake George, we find space; space to connect with creator and creation, ourselves and each other. For information about the next women’s retreat contact

Group shot of women attending womens retreat at Silver Wattle

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